The Mighty Third Eye


Hailing from the Ill Mill of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the Third Eye Hip Hop duo passionately produce thought provoking tracks instilled with the soul and integrity they were raised with. The twin performers Divine King and Love Truth approach the raw & unfiltered art form as a medium to discuss and present life’s hardships and beautiful moments.

Hip Hop is a soundtrack to life, and with influences like Nas, Outkast, and 2Pac, the fraternal twins have a love and respect for the craft. Promoting the mantra of constant elevation, Third Eye shows how a poverty stricken upbringing can foster an unbreakable strength. Dealing with their realities and the world, the way they see it; music is the way they remember where they started, and how they tell the world where they’re going.

Third Eye is currently promoting the newly released STAY WOKE single and EP. Third Eye is a two-time winner of WEAA 88.9 FM Strictly Hip Hop Test Bin. The “Ill Mil” duo is based in Baltimore, MD.