The Mighty Third Eye



Third Eye is an American rap/hip hop duo composed of fraternal twins, Divine King, male, and Love Truth, female, formed in 2011. Going back and forth about a name Love and Divine decided on Third Eye to reflect their affirmation of reaching for "higher levels" of knowledge and understanding to realize their full potential. Born and raised in Milwaukee, WI by their parents and grandparents, their upbringing was heavily influenced by Christianity, Islam and the 5% Nation. Love, a song writer and poet since the age of ten and Divine, a hip hop connoisseur and rapper since high school, decided teaming up as a group was a natural progression. After graduating high school, each would leave their hometown to attend college out of state. Divine attended Jackson State University in Jackson, MS and Love attended Morgan State University in Baltimore, MD. Third Eye is set to release its first mixtape in early 2013 entitled "Let 'Em See".